Mobile Data Center...

Mobile Data Center...




Main characteristics:

Dimensions and weight: 5 tons.
Length, m 12.192 m.
Width, m
Height, m ​​2.693
Cooling tower
Length, m 6
Width, m 1.5
Height, m ​​1.5
Energy consumption, kW 10


To operate the container requires a ventilated area whose dimensions are at least 15m x 5m, the minimum height of the room is 5m. The container should be limited from the environment (ideally located in industrial hangars).

Models of miners and quantity:
GPU miners in cases 270
Antminer S9 270
Antminer L3 + 270
DRX 810
Other Models On request


Miners are placed in standard 19 "telecommunication racks, in the case of using ASIC-miners, shelves are mounted in racks.

Mikrotik CRS125-24G-1S-RM switchboard 2 pieces
Switch TP-LINK TL-SG1016 28 pcs.
Water cooling system:
Fancoils 20 pcs.
Grundfos UPS 65-185F pump 1 pc
Water consumption (for irrigation system) 40 l / h
Cooling tower 1 pc
The volume of liquid in the system is about 200 liters


In the place of installation of the container, a domestic water supply is necessary to supply water to the irrigation system.

Temperature modes:
Environment from 0 ℃ not above + 23 ℃
Inside the container up to +35 does not exceed + 30 ℃


Automation (Netping) allows you to conduct remote control and receive notifications about the following parameters:

The presence of smoke
Temperature inside the data center
Rupture of voltage on racks
Cooling system leaks
The movement inside the data center
Opening / closing doors
Humidity level
Power supply:
The mobile data center is designed to accommodate equipment with a total power consumption of up to 380 kW. To do this, two power cables ABVG 4x240 from the transformer must be connected to the container.


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